My Father’s Things – Handmade limited edition artist’s book


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This book is a limited edition of 10. It includes a specially curated set of images from the main body of the project consisting of over 9,000 images. The work is Wendy Aldiss’s response to her father’s death.

In this book you will also find an object or objects that belonged to her father, Brian Aldiss, when he died. The object(s) in this book will feature in one of the photographs in the book, though not necessarily prominently. While there are crossovers no two books contain the identical collection of images or the same object.

The inclusion of an object reflects the main subject matter of the work – possessions – and was inspired by Brian Aldiss’s 1990 autobiographical book on his writing life, ‘Bury My Heart at W.H. Smith’s’. His limited edition of 250 signed copies with 6 extra chapters all had “its own unique Aldiss souvenir” tucked into the cover.

This box, so beautifully made to Wendy’s design by Neil Randall, echoes some of the boxes she found in among her father’s things. We hope you enjoy exploring it.

Sold out!